Kangra's good corporate governance is balancing entrepreneurship with control and risk management. It implies organizing our businesses and activities for growth and long-term sustainable success, while effectively keeping sight of and managing the risks that come with that growth. The Kangra Board has a crucial leadership role in guiding Kangra to success through responsible and efficient decision-making in the face of dilemmas encountered during the course of its development. Good governance is also about the contribution of every employee at all levels of the company. All employees in their daily work environment must aim to achieve an optimum balance between performance, risk and control.

Corporate governance is a subject that has been at the core of a continual stream of new laws, regulations and best-practice guidance in different countries, and at the level of international organizations and institutions. Kangra is a South African Company to which the South African Codes of Corporate Governance (King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa – March 2010 (King III Report) apply. At Kangra, however, corporate governance means more than simply complying with a code. As a resources and trading company, we believe that a strong culture of corporate governance , ethical behavior and decision-making is fundamental to the way we do business. We, therefore, keep a very close eye on best practices and we constantly develop and improve our own governance framework in accordance with best practices.

This Governance Statement describes governance at Kangra. We are confident that creating a clearly defined framework for corporate governance will help us to communicate better with all our stakeholders.