Kangra has been advised that there are fraudulent job postings, promises and leads currently in circulation.

We would like to caution the public, especially in light of the recent job offers that supposedly stem from Kangra mine in Driefontein, Mpumalanga to be careful of any job offers that are advertised on social media platforms other than authentic Kangra pages as well as any telephone calls ostensibly made on behalf of Kangra after business hours.

Kangra would like to categorically state that:

  • We will never ask for any monetary compensation in exchange for a job

  • We do not engage in recruitment advises after working hours

Our job postings can be found:

  • On all our social platforms

Twitter: @KangraCoal

Facebook: KangraCoal

LinkedIn: kangracoal

We encourage potential respondents to approach any job adverts with caution.

Therefore, in light of the recent scams, we urge any individuals who have fallen victim to these fraudulent posts to please come forward with any information they may have. We urge those that have also paid in any monies with the promise of securing a job to also contact us. We will, within reason assist in opening criminal cases with the authorities.

For contact details


Tel: +27 (11) 783 7996

Email: info@kangracoal.co.za