The South African labour market does not produce enough of the skills required by the mining industry. Kangra agrees to work together in addressing this skills gap in the following manner:

  • Through the standing consultative arrangements, Kangra will interface with statutory bodies such as the Mines Qualifications Authority (MQA), in the formulation of comprehensive skills development strategies that include a skills audit;

  • By interfacing with the education authorities and providing scholarships to promote mining related educational advancement, especially in the fields of mathematics and science at the school level;

  • By undertaking to ensure the provision of scholarships and that the number of registered leaderships in the mining industry will rise.

  • Through the MQA shall undertake to provide skills training opportunities to miners during their employment in order to improve their income earning capacity after mine closure.


  • To offer every employee the opportunity to become functionally literate and numerate in consultation with labour;

  • To implement career paths to provide opportunities to their HDSA employees to progress in their chosen careers; and

  • To develop systems through which empowerment groups can be mentored as a means of capacity building.


Kangra’s employment equity plan achieves and subscribes to the following:

  • Establishing targets for employment equity, particularly in the junior, middle and senior management categories.

  • Kangra agrees to spell out its plans for employment equity at the management level.

  • Identification of a talent pool and fast tracking it. This fast tracking includes high-quality operational exposure;

  •  Setting and publishing targets and achievements.

  • Ensuring higher levels of inclusiveness and advancement of women.


Procurement can be broken down into three levels, namely: capital goods; services; and consumables.


Kangra undertakes to give HDSA’s a preferred supplier status, where possible, in all three levels of procurement. To this end, Kangra undertakes to:

  • Identify current levels of procurement from HDSA companies;

  • Commit to a progression of procurement from HDSA companies over a 3 to 5-year time frame reflecting the genuine value added by the HDSA provider;

  • Encourage existing suppliers to form partnerships with HDSA companies, where no HDSA company tenders to supply goods or services; and

  • Kangra commits to helping develop HDSA procurement capacity and access Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) assistance programmes to achieve this.


  • Identify its current level of beneficiation.

  • Indicate the extent to which the baseline level of beneficiation can be grown.