Management and employees of Kangra pledge to take all reasonable steps to eliminate or reduce negative impacts on the health, safety & the environment.


To manage our Safety, Health, Environment and Quality issues and to demonstrate compliance with the Mine Health and Safety Act, we shall develop implement and maintain management systems. We will ensure the prevention of injuries and ill health to employees. Management will act on all unsafe acts and conditions reported.


We will comply with all relevant legislation and other requirements by implementing appropriate programs and procedures.


We strive to prevent air, land and water pollution by maximizing the effective utilization of pollution abatement equipment. We will also continue to manage the amount of waste generated during our operations and ensure safe and environmentally responsible disposal of waste.


The principles detailed here provide the guiding framework for setting and reviewing practical and measurable objectives, targets and action/ management plans


Ensure that machinery and equipment, engineering, coal processing operations and processes are designed, built and commissioned, maintained and operated in such a manner as to minimize the risk to the safety and health of employees, environment and the communities who may be directly or indirectly affected by our activities.


Kangra management is aware and conscious that activities associated with Kangra’s Operations have the potential to expose employees, contractors, visitors and local communities to health, safety, & environmental hazards & risks such as the following:

  • Storage of hazardous chemicals & substances

  • Noise

  • Dust

  • Mobile Equipment

  • Slipping Falling

  • Working at Heights

  • Fire

  • Electricity

  • Stored Energy

  • Confined Spaces

  • Lifting

  • Pressure Vessels


We will strive to continually improve our performance by optimizing our current operations, promoting innovation and research into new technologies. We will continually strive for efficient use of natural resources, in particular, energy and water resources. We shall conduct periodic compliance audits to the SHEQ Policy to evaluate the adequacy of the program against the requirement of the set standards.


We will provide adequate and appropriate resources and support relevant training and development of our employees in order to meet set targets while implementing the SHEQ policy.


We shall consult and effectively communicate with authorities, business partners, communities, contractors, customers, employees, sub-contractors and visitors on Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality issues. We aim to develop relationships and partnerships that create sustained value for everyone.

We shall make the policy available to the public and anyone requesting it. We will regularly report publicly on our progress towards this policy.


Kangra management will annually review the Occupational Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality management systems as well as the SHEQ policy to ensure their continued suitability to the operation, adequacy and effectiveness.



All employees have the right to be informed, participate and comment on legislation, workplace health and safety and environmental management issues. They have the right to make representations, refuse to work in unsafe conditions and places and not be victimized against and they have the right to appeal. Employees have a duty to individually and personally work safely.


We will establish an infrastructure that will enable us to respond promptly to accidents, incidents and emergencies and report it. We will ensure corrective and preventative actions are expedited.